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As we begin the new year, the name of our newsletter reasserts itís significance: a vigorous and boundless hope for a better tomorrow for our people.

Calamities unheard of by our forbears that massively hit Cagayan de Oro, Iligan  and Dumaguete preempted the coming of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that is graphically depicted in the New Testament.

But Paglaum appears to be an indelible trait of the Filipino. And so, amid so much devastation and loss of lives, we kneel and pray - and smile - knowing that the Almighty is here with us. And he will enable us to cope with our pains and losses and strive again for a better tomorrow.

At birth, the Filipino appears to have always been conjoined with a twin from which no disaster, modern surgical skills or technology can tear him apart.

And that inseparable twin of the Filipino is named Paglaum - hope.

With hope, he or she keeps the Faith. And with Faith, Love for his fellow human beings invariably strides by his side.

That sums up the Center’s New Year’s hope for all.