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Word from the Institute - May 2014 By Prof. Nene Pimentel

A woman without any known enemy was shot dead a week ago in Payatas, Quezon City.

She was walking home with a couple of lady friends when a motorcycle with two men “riding in tandem” approached them.

One of the men called out her name.

She turned her head to respond to the call.

Shots rang out.

She fell. Dead on the pavement. In front of her friends.

And other Payatas residents.

The murderers then simply sped away on their motor bike.

The Center knows no other details about the murder.

What the fearful residents of Payatas shared with the Center is that human life and limb there are worth less than a kilo of beef.

The victim in the incident was a nobody.

Her known ‘employment’ (if one can call it that) was that she ran the BARANGAY hall of Area A of Payatas with professional skill.

Hardly was there any mass media mention of her dastardly killing.

 To the Center, however, her life is priceless. She was, after all, a creature of God.

And in a more earthly manner of acknowledging her having once walked on this earth, she was an alumna of a three-day live-in bonding seminar that was organized and conducted by the Center for the Payatas NGOs, just days before she was shot dead.

The seminar was requested by the Payatas NGOs.

Que lastima! How sad.

That she was murdered and the only thing the Center can say or do, for the moment, is to demand that the police authorities do its job pronto.

Identify the culprits.  Bring them before the Bar of Justice. And punish them according to law.

The victim, Vivien de Castro, deserves no less.

The people of Payatas too must be reassured that in this increasingly gun-prone society of ours, law and order are still accessible by ordinary folks like them that would make life a little livable even in a garbage dump like Payatas.