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2015-Aug-02 By Clarisse Aquino

The adoption of the federal system with  a presidential form of government in the Philippines is being proposed as a concrete, doable, practical plan to speed up the development of the country and our people, and dissipate the national causes of unrest, according to former Senator Nene Pimentel.

Pimentel was invited as one of the resource speakers at the gathering “Securing the Country’s Future: A Summit for Change, organized by the Bagong Sistema, Bagong Pag-asa, held  at Club Filipino last July 22,

Pimentel cited the advantages of a federal system of government in the Philippines, principal of which is the speedier implementation of development programs among the federal states.

Under  federal system of government, the states need not await approval by central government authority, he explained.

RP gov’t still  highly centralized

The greatly centralized, unitary feature of the government persists despite the passage of the Local Government Code. The system of government of the country is still highly centralized and unitary as opposed to the federal system, Pimentel said.

He echoed the observations by organizers of the forum that the highly centralized, unitary system has resulted in an imbalance in the distribution of resources among local government units.

Impliedly, it has fueled the armed rebellion of Muslim factions in parts of Mindanao against the government, Pimentel added.

This also hampered the speedy development of the local communities, and of the people, he added.


Pimentel proposed that the country establish eleven federal states to be created basically out of the administrative regions.

Under the proposal , Metro-Manila will be converted into a Federal Administrative Region, similar to Washington D.C., or New Delhi or Kuala Lumpur.

Metro Manila is composed of 17 cities, with 1,720 barangays

It is proposed that Luzon will have four states which would be the federal state of northern Luzon, with Tuguegarao as the capital state; the federal state of central Luzon with Tarlac City as the capital of the state; the federal state of Southern Tagalog with Tagaytay as the capital of the state; the federal state of Bicol with Legazpi City being the capital of the state.

It is also proposed that the Visayas will also have four federal states, namely the federal states of Eastern Visayas (state capital Catbalogan City), Central Visayas (state capital Toledo City), Western Visayas (state capital Iloilo  City), and Minparom with Mamburao Mindoro as the state capital.

The new region composed of the Provinces of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental may be created as a separate Federal State of Negros. Oriental.

Negros Occidental may remain a part of the Federal State of Western Visayas, and Negros Oriental, a part of the Federal State of Central Visayas.

Meanwhile under the same proposal Mindano shall have three federal states namely the Northern Mindanao (capital Cagayan de Oro City), southern Mindanao (capital Davao City) and the Bangsamoro Federal state (Marawi as the capital of the state).



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This proposal is good than alvarez, we Ilonggos loved our capital Iloilo City it is accessible and near to us ( for 5 provinces namely Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Guimaras and Iloilo) you dont need ship to cross at the sea because your transaction is in the other side. Alvarez proposal was for him accessible for mindanao or for cebu, he dont look if locals are affected or not, because bacolod is too far from us than iloilo which is more convenient.

Rex Bali
not yet

analiza r. eroles

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